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Chris Kaye

I'm a writer/editor in LA

Pop culture, film, television, comics, art, design

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Batman1966 0 article

Eight reasons the '60s Batman TV show's legacy is bat-tastic

The creator of the camp classic series, Lorenzo Semple, Jr., passed away last week at 91. Here's why his work was important....

Robocopcyborg2 article

I, Cyborg: The technology that will make RoboCop a reality

The melding of man and machine has already begun, but some quantum leaps are coming that make the idea of cyborg law enforcement not so far-fetched....

Thingscrashing 20copy article

Things Don't Have To Crash Into Other Things: Solutions to 6 superhero movie problems

Veteran film critic Matt Zoller Seitz says superhero movies are broken. Here's how we'd fix them....

918323 high on fidelity on zack snyder watchmen and missing the point article

High on Fidelity: On Zack Snyder, Watchmen, and missing the point

Did Zack Snyder truly save us from a Terry Gilliam Watchmen ... or is there more going on under the surface?...