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Nagel5 article

'Moonbeam City' Celebrates the '80s Style of Patrick Nagel

'Moonbeam City' Celebrates the '80s Style of Patric...

Bowie quotes opener2 article

David Bowie Best Quotes

A lot of rock stars don't have much to say. Well, nothing important, at least. Not the case with David Bowie. Even when addled by addiction, Bowie could give a tantalizing look into his thought process or post a provocative admission.

0220liveread01 article

A Live Theater Series in L.A. Is Hollywood's Hottest Ticket

A Live Theater Series in L.A. Is Hollywood's Hottes...

0424vonnegut01 article

The Making of a New Kurt Vonnegut Documentary Took Twice as Long as 'Boyhood'

The Making of a New Kurt Vonnegut Documentary Took Twice as Long as 'Boyhood'

0130itfollows02 article

The Unrelenting Pursuer in Horror Film 'It Follows'

The Unrelenting Pursuer in Horror Film 'It Follows'...

Image article

Jena Malone Is The Rock Star You Think She Is

She is an axe-wielding warrior from a dystopian future. She is a time-traveler’s paradoxical girlfriend. She is a singer of made-up languages. She is Jena Malone, and along with collaborator Lem Jay Ignacio, she is also The Shoe. Or, one half of it, at least — likely the sole. Or,...

Girls article

Why The Best X-Men Are X-Women

Someone recently asked me to name my top five mutants, and I surprised myself by rattling off the names of four female characters before I got to, yes, the one I am supposed to say: Wolverine. That I picked women first shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has ever read...

Batman1966 0 article

Eight reasons the '60s Batman TV show's legacy is bat-tastic

The creator of the camp classic series, Lorenzo Semple, Jr., passed away last week at 91. Here's why his work was important....

4075 4 18 dt0216 transcendence 01 article

Rapture For The Nerds

The characters in Transcendence are way beyond crushing on their OS: They’re having their consciousness uploaded onto the Internet...

Image article

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Reading List Will Instantly Make You Smarter

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reading List Book Suggestions

Image article

The Walking Dead "This Place Is A Graveyard" Recap

After an extended introspective episode aimed mostly at Emmy voters where we learned how Morgan unlocked his sick bo-staff skills, we're back to Alexandria — along with the herd — to visit with nobody's favorite characters.

Robocopcyborg2 article

I, Cyborg: The technology that will make RoboCop a reality

The melding of man and machine has already begun, but some quantum leaps are coming that make the idea of cyborg law enforcement not so far-fetched....

Screen shot 2014 10 30 at 4.30.20 pm article
Surface Magazine

Rapide Fire

Aston Martin changes the performance-automobile
game with a futuristic four-seater that can fit a family

Image article

Emily Bett Rickards Is Arrow's Top Notch

Fans of the CW’s superhero drama Arrow know Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, the nerdy IT wizard-turned-digital do-gooder who assists millionaire playboy/crime-fighting archer Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) with his extracurricular vigilantism. While her character's name might seemingly be...

Esq cvr xl article

The Funniest DVD Commentaries

A killer DVD commentary track is that unstoppable condiment that can kick a subpar flick up a notch....